Creativity is a Radical Act


adjective: artistic, imaginative, beautiful, artful, clever, brilliant, demiurgic, formative, gifted, hip, ingenious, innovative, original, visionary, imaginative, inventive. These are just a few of the numerous synonyms for the word creative.

Human beings are literally wired to create. From the moment we take out first breath, we instantly create sounds and movement, and when we master those, we create markings, and symbols, then words and songs, and stories and drama. We see young children creating all the time, and as adults we admire those who have become famous for their creativity. I believe those famous artists and dancers and musicians actors could have been any one of us.

It seems to me that young children are naturally creative most of the time. We tend to call it “playing”, but I think it’s much more than that. I believe we humans are driven by our innate tendency to create. It’s a a major part of our brain development. Those creative adults we admire are able to tap into this this innate tendency which some have described as being in the “zone” or “flow”. I find these to be apt metaphors.

For my entire life, I have been encouraged to strengthen my own creativity. This sense feels to me like energy flowing through my blood and nerves, buzzing in my electromagnetic field and illuminating my aura. I’m not in sync with these energies at every moment, though I always feel them. Sometimes I have to turn them off in order to be “in the moment” with the needs of others. The best times are when these energies can flow and intermingle freely.

Flow is like a universe unto itself. Time has no reality, hunger has no meaning. There is no weariness, or getting tired. Its really trippy when it happens, yet it cannot be forced. Many creatives believe that their song, or their painting, or their poem is more accurately described as coming through them, not from them. If you’re not in sync with your own creative flow, for whatever reason, that song or poem will have to wait, or find someone else who is ready for it. Artists in every field keep producing, even when not in the zone. Sometimes just engaging in the physical doing of a creative endeavor can initiate the zone spark, though that cannot be guaranteed. I believe this is why many famous creatives, (professional musicians in particular, who need to feel flow on demand for performances) use substances to enhance their connection to the flow.

At some point in our socialization we become focused on the external, on others and what they need, or demand, or what pleases them, so our innate creativity takes a secondary role in brain development in order to accommodate the community. Many people keep a creative practice going, calling it a hobby. All types of artist are often characterized as odd, weird and crazy. In a sane, healthy society, everyone would have time to exercise their creative flow, but in today’s world, creativity is a radical act.


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