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Wendy Rochman, M.Ed., artist, teacher, and director of Blue Window Arts, has been teaching and making art for over 35 years. As a public school art educator and facilitator of many adult creativity workshops, Wendy has helped thousands of people explore their own creativity while improving their artistic skills. Her artwork has been exhibited nationally, and she has earned several awards for her creative, motivational teaching style. 


"Creativity is a Radical Act"                           "Reading is your portal to the universe"


As a seasoned elementary school teacher, Wendy Rochman knows how to engage and motivate young learners to read, love, and learn from books. Quirky flew into Wendy’s life when she started integrating art, music, movement and writing into every day. Like Quirky, Wendy is a musician. She plays in a marimba band, and sings in a pop music group. Learning new things keeps her young, courageous, creative and curious. Wendy Rochman has educated, inspired, and facilitated the joy of creativity, and learning in hundreds of students, young and old. She loves to sit with her cat on her lap and read about all sorts of people and places. Quirky is her first book.

Flying Singing Quirky and Silent Perched Wal_edited.jpg
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